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Our Canberra Garden Professionals will pull, spray and rid your garden beds of weeds. Weather you have self-seeded trees, broad leaf weeds or grass weeds we will know the most effective and efficient way to clean them out. We can also suggest and supply different types of mulch. Mulch will aesthetically improve the look of your garden, suppress weed growth and help maintain moisture in the soil. Organic mulches are a great way to keep your garden beds looking tidy but also can provide organic matter that will break down and help improve soil structures. We can also supply nonorganic materials such as granite or pebbles to tidy outdoor areas of your garden.

Our Canberra Garden Professionals only use commercial equipment and maintain it in great order to ensure it does a professional job every time. We regularly sharpen our hedging tools to ensure clean cutting which help promote healthy and vigorous growth. Whether your Photinia hedge is out of control and needs to be wrangled back in order or you have topiary hedging that needs finesse a Garden Professional will ensure it’s done properly every time. We can also install a drip irrigation system to your garden beds to ensure its kept healthy during dryer periods. We will remove all green waste from your home and ensure your garden is neat and tidy upon completion of our works.

Our Canberra Garden Professionals only use commercial equipment and maintain it in great order to ensure it does a professional job every time. We regularly replace and sharpen our mower blades to ensure a clean cut. This helps keep your grass disease free and in great condition. Weather you have a thick Tall Fescue, Buffalo or Couch grass, we will cut at the correct height to ensure optimal health. If there are PH issues with your soil, we can do a test and adjust if necessary. We can also apply a liquid fertilize to your grass with organic fertilizers or weed and feed to keep it healthy. Irrigation installation is also a service we can provide. A range of options are available from simple systems that run from your garden tap, to a fully automated system. We can also prepare areas for turf and supply and lay turf. A spray emulsion seed is a cheaper option if working to a budget.

Our Canberra Garden Professionals are experts in pruning fruit trees and roses. We use the correct pruning principals on plants to ensure maximum health and productivity. We will sharpen our tools to ensure clean cutting. We observe correct sanitary practices with our tools to ensure that fungal and viral diseases are not spread from plant to plant. We can also spray them for pest and disease or fertilize them to keep them at their best. We can prune and shape all your shrubs and small trees to keep them contained and aesthetically pleasing.

Once the work is done, we know you want to enjoy your beautiful new green space – not deal with any clean-up. To this end, we offer rubbish removal and mulching for your peace of mind. 

Our Canberra Garden Professionals specialize in maintaining commercial and strata complexes. We have the expertise and equipment to ensure the grounds in your compound are kept in optimal condition. Commercial garden maintenance is our specialty, however, if some TLC is required get in touch and a Garden Professional will happily provide a no obligation free quote for one off tidy up and ongoing maintenance programs and liaise with you to understand your requirements. All Garden Professionals possess $20 million public liability insurance, workers compensation insurance, Police checks and working with vulnerable cards for your peace of mind and can provide on request.